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2002 Darwin Awards
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N2O "Higher" Learning
2002 Darwin Award Nominee
Unconfirmed by Darwin

Nitrous oxide has legitimate uses unrelated to the euphoria it produces as an illicit high. The gas is used commercially as a food propellant and aerosol gas (whipped cream cans..)

Several states seek to make nitrous oxide a controlled substance. FDA prosecutors say, "It's nitrous oxide not a controlled substance, that's the tricky part."

A Massachusetts survey found that use of chemical inhalants peaks in 8th grade. Huffing is juvenile behavior!

(November 1999, Virginia & Arizona) An Arizona man has been indicted for selling nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, to a Virginia Tech student who inhaled the propellant and died. The deceased student bought the nitrous oxide canisters and nitrous oxide devices known as 'crackers' from a website called bongmart.com, which is no longer online. The owner of the defunct bongmart.com website is charged with selling the intoxicating gas and related paraphernalia.

The gasper, a computer science student, was discovered in his apartment with a plastic bag around his head and discharged chargers (legally used as propellants for whipped cream) scattered around his corpse.

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Reference: David Noack and David Holthouse
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